Friday, March 23, 2007


Oh, promises promises, I should really get my finger out more often and keep these things up to date. It's a brave new world out there and I have to get with the program (sorry, does that sound very Sixties?)

Anyway, May sees the publication of the new book, 'I Predict A Riot'. Whole new look, whole new concept. I am now, officially, 'Bateman'. This was sold to me with the idea that I was becomming something of a cultural icon requiring only one name to be instantly recognized anywhere in the world. Think 'Madonna' or 'Prince' - is it the rather more modest Northern Irish in me that causes me to think 'Noddy' and 'Tintin' instead?

Whatever. Not sure exactly what's coming in the way of publicity, but I know for one thing that the Hay on Wye Festival has had a committee meeting and decided to lower its standards for this year only, so I'll be appearing there towards the end of the month of May.

If you're in Northern Ireland there will probably be another launch party at No Alibis in Botanic Avenue in Belfast - probably the first week. I'll keep you posted on that, or knowing how crap at all of this I am, you could try the No Alibis website.

There are also a couple of readings lined up - May 10 in Newtownabbey and May 25 in Armagh.


Blogger peterablitt said...

Reading “I Predict a Riot” at the moment. Why all the f***ing asterisks?

9:37 pm  
Blogger First City said...

Dear Bateman,

Reading the aforementioned book with much delight and little sleep. An e-mail interview with our magazine called FIRST CITY (running out of New Delhi, India for 17 years) which obsesses over its books would be great. (I could mail you our complete profile.)

Until then, you can take a look at our blog. It's not representative, but could be fun in parts.

10:43 am  

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