Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

Hi folks and Happy New Year, and first of all apologies to anyone who has been coming to the site looking for exciting updates only to find nothing happening whatsoever. I could say many things, make many excuses, but the simple fact is that I've been completely lazy, or, as Oscar Wilde used to say, I couldn't be arsed.

I could blame it on the fact that the laptop from which I monitor the site got stolen from Belfast International Airport, but it would be a blatant lie. (It did get stolen, but I could easily have run the site from another computer. It got stolen when my back was turned for about three seconds, and this at six o'clock in the morning. God, those thieves have to work such unsocial hours.) But what with the New Year and all that, I promise to be back on track as far as these blogs are concerned.

Meanwhile, back in Bateman land anyone interested to know what's been happening, fasten your seat belts:

Actually, loosen them, it's not that exciting. Book wise, hopefully you'll know that Belfast Confidential is now out in hardback (in mainland GB) and trade paperback in Ireland. There was a BIG problem with supplies in Ireland coming up to Christmas because of the Irish Ferries Strike and I also noticed that Amazon are saying it'll take about six weeks to supply copies, not sure why that should be but what do I know about the mysteries of publishing?

The next book - well, that's slightly up in the air at the moment. 'Belfast Confidential' is the last in the current contract with Headline and in some respects it brings the Dan Starkey story to a nice close. However, I usually feel like that after finishing a book and he'll probably return at some point. In the mean time I started writing a weekly serial for the Belfast News Letter called Belfast City Limits, which has now been running for six months. I've had great fun doing this, and in fact got quite carried away. The paper is currently at about episode 27, but I steamed ahead and have now finished the series at 130 episodes. So this will probably be my next book - and it'll be a bloody big one. But no deal is done yet so I can't say when it will appear. The paperback of Belfast Confidential comes out in May.


Even though I'm no longer directly involved in writing Murphy's Law, the series will return later this year and again in 2007. It will (again) be in a slightly different format in that it will be in two three-part series. Filming of the first series begins in April.


I'm currently writing a new children's novel called 'Emperor of the Seas' which is set on a luxury cruise liner which sails into the end of civilization as we know it.


Blogger Hayfever said...

Wow an update! interesting that its so difficult to get a copy of Belfast Confidential in the UK, i'm still trying to find the book here in Australia where my local Borders assured me it would be in store by the beginning of december - still waiting. Are your belfast city limits articles online at all? Maybe I could ask borders to stock the newspaper too? hope to see some more updates from you soon, your number one fan in Australia (well top five at least- although i can't really verify this claim at all, so i should stick with number one) Hayley

12:15 pm  
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Blogger Starkey ya bastard said...

Hey Colin

I'm reading Belfast Confidential at the moment - absolutely class mucker. Please continue with the Starkey stories - he is my complete anti-hero. Too much of myself in there, or maybe just the Norn Irish male looking in the mirror syndrome. Don't let the address below confuse - I'm a Bangor boy. I met you on a flight from Belfast to Gatwick a couple of years ago - I'm a friend of Simon Treharne and know Mouse and Margaret et al.

I have introduced your writings to loads of my new American "buddies" (hate that term - "muckers" is far more apt, you only have to change one letter if you fall out with them). Anyway, all my mucking buddies love your books. Especially my wife Maria, a Cajun from Baton Rouge, totally in love with James Nesbitt - we met him in that ponsey hotel/café/bar/restaurant behind the City Hall on our last trip to Belfast in March, she shook his hand and called him Mr Murphy - absolute blinder. I don't think he realised that Murphy's Law is one of the most popular shows on BBC America, as is Cold Feet.

Well, keep up the good work - can't wait for the next escapism.

9:13 pm  
Blogger Gerard Brennan said...


I met you at the Linenhal library on the 16th of April and asked you to sign my copy of Divorcing Jack. Kinda forgot to tell you that I've enjoyed your work for years. I got a little nervous, you see. Also my head was a little numb from all the readings.

That aul biddy you were talking to before me was some craic. Reminded me of a scene from Chapter and Verse or something. She must have been told to say that as a wind up. Still, it must have been quite surreal.

Anyway, thanks for the autograph and keep up the amazing work.

Gerard Brennan

3:09 pm  

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